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This year we are celebrating 20 years of atari.area and we would like to announce a competition to grace this occasion – second edition of 6502 Compo. This time we do not limit the platforms just to Atari 8-bit, we would like to welcome productions for 16/32 bit machines, including game consoles. Of course, the file size limit still stands for executable, music or graphics, but will be different for different platforms.

As previously you can submit any type of the production. It can be a game, demo, into, music, graphic. We count on your creativity!


All registered atari.area users can take part in the competition. You must obey the following rules:

Entries must run on one of the Atari computers or consoles. File limit for 8-bit machines is 6502 bytes, for 16/32 bit and Jaguar is 68000 bytes.


All executable files must run on stock Atari 65XE / 800XL, stock 520ST or stock Jaguar. It cannot REQUIRE any expansions to run, but it can use extra memory or devices to increase its attractiveness. Existence of extra features must be described in the info files attached to the production.


All formats are allowed, including executables. If you will use your tracker, which is not available publicly, please provide your entry as executable.


All formats are allowed, including executables. If you will use your design program, which is not available publicly, please provide your entry as executable.

Games consoles:

Along with your entry, please provide the name of the emulator, which it has been tested with. It is to allow people, who do not own the real hardware to be able to see it using emulation.

General rules:

Every compo entry needs to have an info file attached listing author(s), hardware requirements and contact info allowing us to contact author(s). All entries must not have any information included in it allowing identification of the author or authors. This does not apply for intros, demos and games. Authors names will be published along with voting results.

No entries will be accepted after the deadline – please triple check your entry before then. The deadline has been set to 31st January 2019. All entries should be sent to daniel.kozminski@gmail.com.

Voting will start on 1st February 2019 and will last until 14th February 2019. Every vote will be cast by giving each entry a mark from 1 to 10. Voting will commence through the online form, where every entry will have a dropdown list with points next to it followed by VOTE button to submit whole form. You will be able to vote for selected entries only, or all of them – up to you. All coded entries will receive 10% bonus if author(s) will provide source code and all assets required for the compilation. This bonus will be added after voting deadline.

The rules of this compo are not negotiable and no adjustments will be made.


NThe competition will be governed by the Committee made of:

  • dely / Blowjobb
  • lewiS / Blowjobb
  • Vasco / Tristesse
  • AdamK / Lamers


Vouchers for purchases at Lotharek.pl 500 PLN, 300 PLN and 200 PLN.

Book Atari Basic signed by Mr Wiesław Migut,
Book Asembler 6502.

You are welcome to become a sponsor of the prizes. If you would like to sponsor any prize, please contact dely.

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